Do I need to apply for another licence in order to learn to ride a motorcycle?
If you have a UK provisional or full car licence then it will already have the necessary category for learning to ride a motorcycle or moped.
I’m 15yrs old. When can I apply for my first licence?
You can apply for your first UK provisional driving licence no earlier than 60days prior to your 16th birthday. If you do receive your licence during that period then you will only be able to start to learn to ride once you are 16.
Do I need my own bike to learn how to ride?
At Bike2Bike we provide all of the equipment necessary in order for you to learn how to ride, i.e. motorcycle or moped, safety helmet and protective clothing. We would recommend that you wait until after your training before considering purchasing a bike or equipment. You will be able to make a much more informed buying decision once you have attended the CBT as the syllabus covers such subjects.
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