Compulsory Basic Training – It All Starts Here!

CBT – Compulsory Basic Training – £179
This is the starting point for all trainee motorcyclists and is normally a 1 day training course. The first part of the CBT is conducted on an off road manoeuvring area where you will ride the machine until competent. This part of the training incorporates all of the basic riding skills, i.e. use of the controls, moving away and stopping, slow riding, changing gear, turning left and right etc. You will then ride the machine on the road for at least two hours. During the road ride your instructor, who will be in radio contact, will accompany you, giving you both directions and tuition. The training will end when you are able to ride on the road, on your own, safely. After completing the CBT you will then be allowed to ride on your own, on the road with ‘L’ plates for up to two years. After this period you will then either re take your CBT or have passed your full motorcycle test in order to continue riding.

NB: At 16yrs you can ride up to a 50cc. At 17yrs and over you can ride up to 125cc. Prior to booking your CBT you must be in possession of your driving licence. See ‘applying for your first licenceBook your CBT now

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